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Aveley & Covent Garden

Aveley 1s 6d O   Aveley 1s 6d R
Copper, 26.3 mm, plain edge, star cut out

R:Within a part heart shape is 1/6 with S and D over the one and six. Neal at the top.


Chadwell Heath

Chadwell Heath Darts   Chadwell Heath Darts R

Silver, 23.9 x 44.3 mm, suspension loop

O:On a blue enamel background is DARTS COMPETION. Below is a darts board with crossed darts and in a red enamel cartouche is TAYLOR / WALKER
R:LEAGUE / WINNERS / (engraved) is CHADWELL HEATH / DAGENHAM & DIST. / SEASON / 1948 – 49. Hall marked London 1948. Maker’s initials LSLD. / SIMPSON / LONDON.

Chigwell   Submitted 01.12.14
Colin Thomas  won a school’s sports medal in 1956. This was for coming 1st in the 100 yards race. The school was Grange County High School.
On the reverse is: G. C. H. S. / 1956. A similar medal is described on p. 340, A1481.

Terry Strong submitted the following two items (21.01.15):

Terry Royal Hort O Terry Royal Hort Chig 1938

Royal Horticultural Society medal Bronze, 44.7 & 446 mm respectively.

Ladies Class 1931 / Miss Rand  and Ladies. Div. 6, / Miss Irene Rand / 1932

Submitted by Michael Cleary (20.01.15) via Jonathon Spencer.

Dagenham J SpencerLegend: RETURN / TO / DAGENHAM / DOCK / E. R. (MID).

Terry Strong submitted this entry(21.01.15)
Royal Horticultural Society medal, bronze, 45.2 mm.
Awarded by / Danbury & Little Baddow / Hort. Soc. (No date)

Terry Strong submitted this entry (21.01.15)
Royal Horticultural Society medal, bronze, 44.6 mm.
Dunton (Essex) / Hort. Fur & Feather Society / Summer Show / 1949 / to / Mr. C. C. Carter


East Ham
Alonzo Mills
Nos. A990 & 991
Alonzo E. Ham O

The following information has been provided by David Powell and in the light of his contribution additional notes have come from Kelly’s Post Office Directories:

Alonzo (also spelt Alonzar) Mills was born in 1848 and died at the age of 50 on the 19th July 1898. Between about 1874 until about 1890 (and possibly until he died) he was a Market Gardener in East Ham and Plaistow. Initially he was in the Barking Road but by 1879 he had a second farm at Cumberland, New Barn St Plaistow E. It appears that the East Ham address was dropped by 1882.

Alonzo Mills was reported in the press for various misdemeanours;
October Friday 18th 1879, he was charged with assaulting John Atwell in Leytonstone Road John Atwell, the judge got the impression that it was six of one and half a dozen of the other and bound then over to keep the peace. Interestingly Mills is listed as a Labourer. (Chelmsford Chronicle)

Then on Friday 16 September 1887 William Charles a Master Butcher of Norfolk St. Forest Gate was charged with assaulting Alonzo Mills, Cattle Dealer, of Stratford. The bench dismissed the charge assault fining the defendant 10s (50p) and costs 5s (25p) for being drunk. (Chelmsford Chronicle).

In Lloyds Weekly Newspaper, John Tappin. 15, of Carlton St. Canning-town was charged with stealing 11 rose trees, value 10s, from a garden at Cumberland Farm the property of Alonzo Mills.
A man in the employee of the prosecutor saw three prisoners get over the garden-wall, pull up some moss-rose tress, and throw them into the road. They then ran away but a horse was procured and they were followed and arrested. The rose trees were very valuable and a large number had been stolen.
The prisoners pleaded Guilty and were sentenced to seven days imprisonment each.

It would seem that the windmill on his two tallies is pun and they were used approximately between 1874 and 1879.


Rochford See No. A2060 – 1
Sutton Hall O   Sotton Hall R

Brass, 25.2 mm, edge?

Sutton Hall, W. H. Hutley 6d mdf W cut out.. On sale on e-bay 13.10.14 Sold for £3.53 + p & p 17/10/14.













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