Although the website currently is dedicated to the Essex Collection of post 1820 tokens etc. other publications and information will be added over time.

The Essex Collection 2nd Edition.

Originally in 1963 the book had a sub-title of “Volume 1” as it was intended that Volume 2 would be an update. During the next 21 years much information has come to light and I realised that few would possess Volume 1 and there is nothing more irritating than to refer in an update to a book no longer available. Much repetition would have been necessary. It was therefore decided that the whole work with new additions be presented as a completely revised edition.

This book presents a guide to the history of the County of Essex from 1820 until the present day as seen through the tokens, tallies, medallions, transport tokens, tool checks, and other paranumismatic items issued by local authorities, companies, public houses, private persons and businessmen.

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Stuart Adams